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Sarah Dumont nabs female lead in Christopher Landon's Scouts vs. Zombies

05.05.2014by: Kevin Woods

Up-and-comer Sarah Dumont has nabbed the female lead in Christopher Landon's SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES, Paramount's upcoming horror comedy that also stars Tye Sheridan (MUD), Joey Morgan, David Koechner, and Logan Miller, reports THR.

The news of Dumont's casting in the lead female role follows the annoucement of Halston Sage and Patrick Schwarzenegger to the ever-growing cast of SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES. The film is reported to follow...

...three high school Boy Scouts who must use their skills to battle vicious zombies after their small town faces an outbreak.

Dumont will play 'a young woman with a past, a high school dropout that has guys panting and who will ultimately teach the scouts to man up in their fight'.

Well, she already has me panting, that's for sure.

Todd Garner, Andy Fickman, Betsy Sullenger and Bryan Brucks are producing the movie, which gets underway May in Los Angeles.

Extra Tidbit: Does SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES have your attention now?
Source: THR



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