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Sarah Wayne Callies to Pay the Ghost alongside Nicolas Cage

08.26.2014by: Kevin Woods

After a few seasons of evading zombies on AMC's "The Walking Dead" Sarah Wayne Callies is now set to take on a different kind of supernatural threat as the actress has been cast to star alongside Nicolas Cage in Voltage Pictures' PAY THE GHOST, according to Deadline.

We first learned that Nicolas Cage had been tapped for the lead role in PAY THE GHOST back in May, set to play a NYU English professor whose 8-year-old son mysteriously vanishes. I've seen enough Nic Cage flicks to know that you don't mess with that dude's family. Now Deadline is reporting that Callies will play Kristen, Cage’s estranged wife and a whip smart environmental attorney who teams up with her husband to recover their son before he’s lost to the spirit world forever.

Here's what we know about PAY THE GHOST:

Cage will star as a professor whose young son goes missing during a Halloween parade in New York City. One year later he begins to sense his son’s presence and uncovers clues leading to a vicious and vengeful ghost that surfaces each Halloween to abduct children.

Uli Edel (BODY OF EVIDENCE) is directing the supernatural thriller from a script by Dan Kay, based on a short story by horror and fantasy author Tim Lebbon. Nicolas Chartier, Craig Flores, Ian Levy and Patrick Newall are producing and Cybill Lui and Dennis Berardi are exec producers. Filming is slated to begin next month in Toronto.

Extra Tidbit: C'mon...admit it. You love having Cage back in the horror genre, don't ya?
Source: Deadline



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