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Sasha Grey strips while Elijah Wood looks on in Open Windows poster

02.27.2013by: Eric Walkuski

OPEN WINDOWS is Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo's (TIME CRIMES) English-language debut, reason enough to anticipate the film highly. A promo poster for the film has just been unearthed by Bloody Disgusting, and you can find it below.

Starring Elijah Wood, Sasha Grey and KILL LIST's Neil Maskell, OPEN WINDOWS focuses on an average guy (Wood) who, after a meeting with a sexy actress (Grey) is post-poned, discovers that a psychopath has arranged a deadly game for both of them.

Here's a very long, detailed synopsis from sales company Wild Bunch:

Tonight, Nick is the luckiest guy on earth. In a few hours, he'll be meeting Jill Goddard, the hottest actress around. She's currently in Austin, Texas, promoting her latest movie, and heís won a prize in an online contest consisting of an invitation to the premiere and dinner with her.

Then Nick receives a call on his cell phone. Itís some guy named Chord who claims to be working for the movieís promotional campaign. He explains that the dinner has been cancelled. Nickís made the trip to Austin for nothing. Feeling sorry for Nick, he ends up confessing that itís Jill's fault: she's a temperamental, high maintenance diva, and apparently everybody hates her guts. Increasingly excited, Chord tells Nick that he can make up for it.

Revealing an incredible ability as a hacker, he offers Nick the tools to spy on Jill from his computer for the rest of the night, in a way that no fan could dare dream of. Little by little, a terrible truth begins to reveal itself. It becomes clear that Chord might have set up the whole situation, with Nick playing a part in a much bigger plan. Nick has only one place to search for the truth before itís too late: his own laptop.

There's no word on when we might see OPEN WINDOWS.

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