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Saw gets 2nd!

10.27.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

While it was no surprise that HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 would top the box office charts (with a whopping $42M), it is a surprise to see SAW V still rack in $30.5M at the box office even though it came in 2nd place--that's impressive!

I honestly thought the fifth installment of the series was going to be the biggest flop of them all, but it has already made a profit (those flicks don't cost too much to make), ensuring that a SAW VI will (no doubt) be arriving next Halloween as well.

SAW V made an impressive amount (regardless of its 2nd place title), and was about on par with the amount of box office take as the previous installments--though still a few million short of the rest. In their opening weekends, SAW II scored $32M, SAW III hit $34M, and SAW IV landed $32M. While SAW V didn't live up to these, it definitely surpassed the take of the original SAW's $18M in opening weekend receipts (which was impressive for the little unknown horror flick at the time).

Due to the overwhelmingly negative response and word of mouth, I'm not sure if SAW V will be able to tread in the box office waters for very long, but as it's already made it's money back and then some, I know Lionsgate is thinking just one thing.... sequel!

So... what did you think of SAW V???

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