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Saw IV extra bloody?

06.13.2007by: Eric Walkuski

It would be easy for the SAW franchise to make the films unrelated to one another, to simply have Jigsaw’s adventures in brutal-psychology isolated flicks, Friday the 13th-style. But what’s interesting about the movies is the effort to tie one another together in unexpected ways, making it necessary for the viewers to actually see the prior entry (they should actually open with: “Previously... on SAW”).

Most people were very satisfied with how the third one ended, and would be fine if the series had concluded there. But all those people paid to see the movie, and when a company sees that kind of money, they only think of one thing: more money. So we’re getting SAW IV, and the maestro of the franchise, Darren Lynn Bousman, talked to Shock Till You Drop about his gooey plans.

"Will it offend a lot of people? One-hundred percent. Is it the goriest film ever made? We do some f**ked up shit. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the MPAA sees this. The opening scene is completely different than anything we've ever done in a 'Saw' film before. I'm blown away by what the prosthetic guys did in this. Sitting on the set, usually I can detach myself from what I see, but I was having a gag-reflex occurring. It was pretty horrific."

As for the rumored plotline involving “Jeff” from the 3rd entry (Angus Macfadyen), Bousman said: "Nobody knows what this is about. Every plot synopsis you've read online is false and untrue. The thing with Macfadyen looking for his daughter? Believe it if you want. But no one knows what this story is."

And what does Jigsaw himself have to say about all this?

"You find out why I'm back in the very first scene. Why I'm back and why I'm around." He also adds that we can expect "a tremendous ending.”

In fact, the endings have been perhaps the strongest sequences in the SAW films, for me at least. May I throw in a "dream ending?" It ends with the tables being turned on Jigsaw, and we discover the movie has been a trap set by someone else to f*ck with him, giving him a taste of his own medicine. "Hello John, I want to play a game." I think that would be the perfect end to this franchise. But that would mean the franchise would actually have to end, and that is probably nowhere in sight...

Will we see the return of Amanda, as well?

Source: STYD



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