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SAW IV Site Lives!

09.07.2007by: PJ Germain
October is approaching fast and you know what that means. We can be expecting a whole barrage of SAW IV promotional material. I do commend Mr. Bousman and the entire production crew for pumping out a SAW film every year since 2004 while still being able to faithfully give me my fix of horror enjoyment that I love so much.

That being said, the SAW IV website is fully operational here with the trailer opening to the door into another saga of Jigsaw's games. There are a few downloads, but you can definitely expect more coming soon!

SAW IV finds SWAT Commander Rigg getting thrown into Jigsaw's game with only 90 minutes to overcome a citywide series of traps. We can only assume that Jeff, from SAW III, will share the spotlight with Rigg, as he tries to find his daughter, trapped in the tomb where Jigsaw and Amanda lay dead. Two FBI profilers arrive after word of Detective Kerry's gruesome murder, sifting through Jigsaws victims while trying to piece together the puzzle.

Sounds a bit shaky to me. SAW III definitely wrapped things up pretty nicely, so I am intrigued, yet weary of how things are going to unfold. But then again, Bousman has surprised me before, so heres to hoping he'll do it again.

SAW IV was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, winners of Project Greenlight 3, who penned FEAST for the shows production. The film is again directed by Darren Bousman and will be released October 26th.

Source: Fangoria



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