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11.28.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
There hasn't been any specs released yet, nor has the cover made its appearance online, but we do know one thing about the SAW V DVD--the release date!

While I have no interest in the SAW series (haven't since SAW III), it's quite possibly the slowest news day of the year, and yes... the release date announcement of SAW V is news! So when is it so you can mark your calendars???

On January 20th, you too will be able to dive into Jigsaw's next level of torture chamber tactics... or whoever is the new Jigsaw these days. Cool date? You becha! The final hours of W.'s time in the White House will be on that day and the first few hours of Obama's presidency will begin. The fact that SAW V comes out the same day... I suppose that just adds to the frosting on the cake!

UPDATE: Here's the DVD cover for Saw V!!!

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