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Scars finds distr.

04.15.2008by: Mike Catalano
Last year, we informed you of an award-winning intense flick from Britain called SUMMER SCARS which was being shopped around by its director, Julian Richards (THE LAST HORROR MOVIE), on the festival circuit. And now, it seems that Richardsí efforts have paid off! Because SCARS has just scored a U.S. distributor in TLS Releasing.

The flick was just playing at the Philadelphia Film Festival and that was where TLA (one of the festís sponsors) took notice. SCARS will be going out under TLAís Danger After Dark banner, however it is currently uncertain whether it will be released to theaters or just go straight to DVD. Take a stab at the plot:

A group of six fourteen-year-old boys who are befriended by a stranger in the woods whose behavior becomes increasingly abusive. He holds them hostage in their den and theyíre forced to embrace the darkness inside themselves in order to survive the ordeal.

I donít know. Iím usually not too keen on ďabused boysĒ stories, but LAST HORROR MOVIE was a nice ride and SCARS has received numerous honors. Perhaps Iíll give it a shot.

Haylie Duff once played a girl named Summer.
Reason enough for a pic.
Source: Fangoria



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