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Schrader tackles Ellis' Bait, taking the reigns for the new flick

08.03.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

A project involving sharks that was announced some two years ago, is finally making waves. BAIT (not to be confused with the Australian shark film BAIT 3D) was written by Bret Easton Ellis, and Jonas Pate had previously been attached to direct. Pate is out and Paul Schrader has now signed on to helm the flick. He is currently doing some touch ups to the script as well.

Variety did not have any further details, except that Galavis Films, Ithaka Entertainment and Picture Machine will produce the film. Schrader has a few projects in the works, with THE JESUIT currently in production. A long plot synopsis was provided for the film when it was first announced, you can check it out below.

Cole is a quiet young man, unassuming, who works as waiter at a posh beach club. But underneath his polite demeanor is a suppressed rage at the wealth and bounty that surrounds him and is out of his reach. The arrogance and dismissive nature of the rich fuels his anger at the unfairness of the world, and he is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

One night, a group of these elite kids build a bonfire on the beach and party into the late hours, drinking, dancing, swimming and having fun. Cole, off duty, watches the festivities out of sight. When he moment is right, he hesitantly strikes up a conversation with the pretty Haley. But when her boyfriend Ryan spots the two talking, he is incensed and aggressively confronts Cole. In spite of Haley pleading to let him be, Ryan and his friends beat Cole to the ground and then humiliate him before the crowd. It's the trigger that sends Cole over the edge.

The next day the hung over friends plan to spend the day on Ryan's father's luxurious yacht. Haley had slipped this bit of information to Cole during their talk, and Cole is determined to exact his revenge. He disposes of the yacht's first mate and reports for duty, claiming to the Captain to be the first mate's friend, who had to go away on unexpected business. The Captain obliges and Cole stows beneath deck while Ryan and his friends climb aboard. When they get too far out to sea to be spotted from the shore, Cole kills the Captain. Waiting until everyone is in the water, Cole unleashes his sinister plan of revenge. His weapon of choice is a school of sharks smelling blood and slowly circling the boat. As Cole steadily picks off each of his enemies, their desperate chances for survival grow slimmer and slimmer.

Sounds rather exciting, and definitely something a little different than the other shark films coming our way.

Star of the other shark film BAIT 3D Sharni Vinson

Extra Tidbit: Paul Schrader was the original director of EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, his version of the film was rejected and Renny Harlin stepped in. Schrader's version was later released as DOMINION: PREQUEL TO THE EXORCIST.
Source: Variety



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