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Scope out the first still from Joe Lynch's Chillerama entry Zom-B-Movie

06.07.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Ah the horror anthology. These things can be very hit or miss with more hits than misses in our beloved genre if I'm not mistaken. But there's an upcoming anthology that has all the makings to be pretty awesome. Or at least fun!

I'm of course talking about the horror anthology CHILLERAMA, which is coming at us from directors Tim Sullivan, Joe Lynch, Adam Green and Adam Rifkin. Now we've been keeping you in the loop with CHILLERAMA for a while now so I'll spare you the rundown on each of the entries and get right into today's update.

You see over at Joe Lynch's Twitter page he posted the following 'tweet:' Ladies & Germs,let me introduce you to the owner of @KaufmanDriveIn (and Host of #CHILLERAMA),Cecil Kaufman! Followed by the shot directly below. That's right folks, the first still from Lynch's CHILLERAMA entry ZOM-B-MOVIE!

A zombie movie with a twist—they’re more like sex zombies than zombies that just want to eat you.

Rounding out the rest of CHILLERAMA will be Adam Green's THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, Tim Sullivan's I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR and Adam Rifkin's WADZILLA. The cast for the anthology reads Sean Paul Lockhart, Gabby West, Lin Shaye, Adam Robitel, Ron Jeremy, Adam Rifkin, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder and Kristina Klebe (below).

While CHILLERAMA is yet to score a release it should be coming our way sometime this Fall.

Extra Tidbit: So which of the CHILLERAMA entries are you most looking forward to?
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