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Scottish monster movie Outcast scores itself some stills & a trailer

12.23.2010by: Jared Pacheco
You guys remember that Scottish monster movie we've been telling you about for a while now? It's a little flick called OUTCAST coming at us from director Colm McCarthy. Ringing any bells?

Well the last time we told you about this little diddy was back in November, when we learned that Indomnia Releasing was snatching it up. So here we are almost two months later and I've finally got a mess of goods from the flick for you guys to check out!

First up if you scroll below you'll find a bunch of new stills from the flick. Now most of the stills lack any kind of real action, and I don't see a single 'monster' in the bunch, but beggers can't be choosers right? If anything these shots are filled with some groovy style. Then below the stills, or over in our videos section, you'll find the trailer for OUTCAST. Like the stills we're not offered anything jaw-dropping but if OUTCAST is catching your eye then it might be worth a look. So what're you waiting for? Get scrolling and enjoy!

Taking place in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland, OUTCAST unmasks an ancient Celtic society, where black magic exists. Mary, a witch with extraordinary strength, is on the run as she tries to protect her son, Fergal, from a dangerous hunter assigned to kill them to hide the truth of their past.

OUTCAST sports a cast that includes Kate Dickie, Niall Bruton and James Nesbitt. No word on any sort of release for this bad boy but you can bet we'll keep you updated once we hear more.

OUTCAST (2010) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Other than the TV movie BALDY MCBAIN, OUTCAST is Colm McCarthy's only feature.
Source: Vertigo Films



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