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Scream 4: New still, clip & TV spot, Craven & Williamson wait to sign on to parts 5 & 6

04.08.2011by: Jake Dee

With no real horror title releasing this weekend, we can focus all of our attention on Wes Craven's return to Woodsboro next Friday. As such, we've got the fourth TV spot, the fifth clip, and new photograph of Ghost Face in SCREAM 4, the former of which claims the iconic killer can't be revealed until the very end. A giant "no duh" declaration to anyone who's seen the first three films, but I guess the whole idea of making a new trilogy, aside from grabbing cash, is to introduce the shite to a new generation. Will it work?

Enter Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson, who also seem to have questions about how SCREAM 4 will play to the masses. Why else would they wait to sign on to parts 5 and 6 of this new fangled trilogy?

“I always prided myself on coming up with a shot list, but quite often we’d literally get new pages the night before, sometimes the day of and that was very stressful,” admitted Craven to Entertainment Weekly (print version). He continued to essentially say he'll only commit to future sequels of the franchise if he reads a completed script beforehand. He also confirms what a mess the production was on SCREAM 4, as a result of constant script amendments during shooting.

And despite his recently patched falling out with Dimension head Bob Weinstein, writer Kevin Williamson had this to say about future sequels:

“If people respond to the film, then yes, there are more twists and turns.” He's apparently cooked up stories to a SCREAM 5 and SCREAM 6, but hasn't officially signed on to adapt them into screenplays.

Since we're talking sequels, why not relay a David Arquette quote as well:

“I love this character (Dewey); and I always want to be part of it and always wanna do it.” Make of that what you will, does Dewey survive or catch the knife in part 4? We shall see April 15th.

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Extra Tidbit: How many of the original SCREAM alums do you think will die in SCREAM 4? Everyone?
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