Scream Factory reveals awesome Dog Soldiers Blu-ray art

Yep, another Scream Factory update coming at you. Is there ever enough? (No.) This time we're proud to bring you the cover art for the company's forthcoming Blu-ray release of Neil Marshall's DOG SOLDIERS. The terrific Nathan Thomas Milliner did this beauty (he also worked on their SLEEPAWAY CAMP cover, among others).

Since Scream Factory is just getting started on DOG SOLDIERS, they haven't revealed details on the special features, and don't expect to until the spring. The Blu-ray doesn't hit until June 24th, so we've got some waiting to do.

A band of soldiers is dispatched to war games deep in the woods. When they stumble across a rival team slaughtered in camp, they realize they're not alone. Something deadly waits in the darkness; something not animal and not human. Holed up in an abandoned farmhouse, the soldiers start a bloody battle against the beasts. Dawn is only a few hours away, but they may not live to see it.


Source: Scream Factory



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