Scream Factory reveals Shocker Blu-ray cover and release date!


A big-time guilty pleasure from the 80s is being zapped back to life thanks to the creative folks at Scream Factory. Wes Craven's SHOCKER is being given a makeover by the company and will be released on September 9th of this year. Via their official Facebook page, Scream Factory has revealed the new artwork, by Nathan Thomas Millner; you can see it below.

Unfortunately, details regarding the special features haven't been revealed yet, but that should change in the coming months.

If for some reason you're not hip to SHOCKER, here's what it's about:

 About to be electrocuted for a catalog of heinous crimes, the unrepentant Horace Pinker (Mitch Pileggi) transforms into a terrifying energy source. Only young athlete Jonathan Parker (Peter Berg), with an uncanny connection to Pinker through bizarre dreams, can fight the powerful demon. The two dive in and out of television programs, chasing each other from channel to channel through stunning scenes of disaster, game shows and old reruns.

SHOCKER is not what I'd call a good movie, but I feel like I've known it forever, one of those late-night gems from my youth that holds a special place in my (admittedly black) heart.


Extra Tidbit: I'm actually looking forward to checking SHOCKER out in HD, are you?
Source: Scream Factory



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