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Scream Factory updates on upcoming releases Lord of Illusions, Dolls, & more

07.29.2014by: Kevin Woods

Over the weekend the gang at Scream Factory announced ten more titles that they would be bring to Blu-ray, including MAD MAX, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, DOLLS, and SCARECROWS, further solidifying their status as the leading curator and home entertainment provider of many memorable cult movie classics. Now Scream Factory has taken to their Facebook page to give us some updates on some of their upcoming titles (including three from the newly announced batch), revealing some release dates and news on some highly anticipated titles.

Here's some newly announced release dates for some upcoming Scream Factory releases:

  • THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS - Blu-ray streets 11/4.
  • DOLLS (COLLECTOR'S EDITION) - Blu-ray streets 11/11. Artwork to be revealed soon!
  • THE DARK HALF - Blu-ray streets 11/18.
  • MONKEY SHINES - Blu-ray streets 11/18.

November is looking to be quite a month for some great releases from Scream Factory. I'm particularly excited for the two George A. Romero releases, THE DARK HALF (based on Stephen King's novel) and MONKEY SHINES.

They also revealed that Clive Barker's LORD OF ILLUSIONS (COLLECTOR's EDITION) Blu-ray is now scheduled for December of this year. No other details at this time, but we'll keep you posted.

Looking ahead to 2015 Scream Factory shared that their release of DOG SOLDIERS is still coming, but the date is still to be determined. They also shared that ever since they announced NEW YEAR'S EVIL on Blu-ray this past weekend at Comic Con, they have had several fans ask if they are going to be able to get this out before New Year's Eve 2014, which would be ideal. Unfortunately, despite attempts to do just that, Scream Factory shared that they will not be able to have this release ready to land in December, adding that an early 2015 is the plan.

They also revealed that their announced release of HELLHOLE is still in a "hellhole", as they are still trying to locate usable elements while working out surrounding legal issues. They are still aiming for a 2015 release.

More from Scream Factory as we hear it.


Extra Tidbit: Which of these Scream Factory releases are you most looking forward to picking up?



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