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Scream Factory will bring Psycho 2 and 3 to Blu-ray this fall

05.23.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Those psychos at Scream Factory are at it again, and this time they've got help from "mother."

Yes, the best genre distributor in the business is bringing PSYCHO II and PSYCHO III to Blu-ray and DVD this fall, hopefully in time for Halloween.

No specifics have been revealed yet, unfortunately, but you can expect Scream Factory to do these up just right. Here's what they said in their announcement:

1983's PSYCHO II and 1986's PSYCHO III will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this Fall as Collector's Editions. No other details to report at this time so stay tuned in the next few months for more developments on these great blood-curdling films.

Well you heard them, stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: What has been your favorite release from Shout/Scream Factory so far?
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