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Screen Gems pick up Girl

06.12.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Well here's a name we never thought we'd see attached to our beloved genre: Michael Cunningham. You're probably asking yourself who in the world is Michael Cunningham. Right? Well that would be a fair question to ask considering he would be the last guy we'd expect to bring us a twisted genre flick.

You see, Cunningham is the writer behind such novels/movies as THE HOURS, EVENING, and A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD. Yeah... that sappy stuff. Hey.. I've seen sappy things here and there but that stuff is just too much! Cunningham even won the Pulitzer! So what has he got going on in that mind of his that has our interest peaked? BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

According to Variety Screen Gems just snagged Cunningham's spec script about a shy but brainy high school girl who returns for senior year after having slimmed down six dress sizes. She finds herself flirting with the handsome English lit teacher, but the mutual crush turns deadly when the teacher's obsession with the student compels him to exact maniacal revenge on everyone who was cruel to her. 'Maniacal revenge?' Oh I'm digging this so far...

Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher are producing via their Red Wagon banner. Here's a bit of what Cunningham told Variety:

"While I was writing about Virginia Wolff, my mind was never far removed from the idea of girls in bikinis being hacked up by guys wearing hockey masks, and I vowed that if I ever had a good idea, I would write one of these scary movies. We've become such genre paisans, and when I showed the script to Doug [Wick], he showed it to Clint [Culpepper, Screen Gems president], and it was instant love. This summer, I will finish a novel where nobody gets anything gouged out of them, but my plan is to then write another idea I have for an actual monster movie. As it turns out, we sometimes find we can do more than one thing in our lives."

Who would've thought huh? BEAUTIFUL GIRL is looking like a viciously twisted ride and we'll be right there for every step of the way so keep it here for updates!

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Extra Tidbit: Cunningham is apparently a HUGE fan of the genre!
Source: Variety



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