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Second Shrine Trailer

09.09.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Back at the beginning of August we gave you a look at the first teaser trailer for Jon Knautz's THE SHRINE. It was very much a teaser too. Actually we weren't treated to any footage from the flick... but that changes today!

THE SHRINE's official website debuted the second teaser for the film, found below. Obviously it's longer than the previous teaser and we actually get a much better idea of what THE SHRINE is looking like. And to be completely honest... I'm not digging it. Don't get me wrong... I really dug JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER and I can't wait for the sequel... but I'm just not a big fan of the whole 'cult' subgenre of horror. I mentioned this in my last article too... but this thing looks a lot like HOT FUZZ... What says you?

Anyway go ahead and check out the trailer for yourself and decide if you might be interested. Here's the jam-packed synopsis: After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote Polish village called Alvaina. Upon further investigation, the journalists discover that Alvaina has a history of bizarre cult activity revolving around human sacrifice. Hellbent on revealing the truth, they travel to the small village to uncover the story first hand. But after the discovery of an ancient stone statue hidden within the town, they quickly find themselves pursued by a mysterious and vengeful group of locals. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon realize that Alvaina hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.

It stars Aaron Ashmore, Cindy Sampson, Debra McCabe, Connor Stanhope, Monica Bugajski, Meghan Heffern (below), Ben Lewis and 'Jack Brooks' himself Trevor Matthews. As always we'll be keeping an eye open for any other SHRINE updates and will pass them along to you!

The Shrine - Teaser Trailer 2 from The Shrine on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: Now that we actually have an idea of what this one is going to look like... you into it?



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