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08.31.2007by: The Arrow
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NOTE: Some mook just e-mailed me to wildly cuss me out cause he took this story as me saying "Don't see Halloween". Just so I don't get more moron e-mails, I'll play it safe and clarify. That's not what I'm saying... AT ALL! SEE BOTH FILMS. I'm urging people to see Death Sentence here because I saw it (didn't see Halloween yet), I loved it and I want to support it. Nothing to do with Halloween. Sheesh!  Now read on below!

This comes from a totally selfish point of view, so bare with me or skip to the next story. Now, I've been reading the mostly negative DEATH SENTENCE reviews on Rotten Tomatoes tonight and it sparked me to write this (the JD also helped). Actually now that I think of it, this is a first on the site - I've never done this before.

I encourage all of you who like me, love Rated R vigilante flicks that sport a big set of bulldog balls between their legs to go see DEATH SENTENCE this weekend. Is it a perfect movie? No it isn't. Dialogue and structure stumbled now and again and the female cop character was pointless IMO but with that said; the flick was a very well acted, emotionally charged, violent as f*ck and visually dynamic ride. One that deserves to be seen on the big screen. In my useless opinion it SHOULD at least be supported by aficionados (always wanted to use that freaking word) of the subgenre. COME ON!

I'd so hate to see this bad boy go the RUNNING SCARED way i.e. a brutal and ambitious action film that did dick at the Box Office. I want more of these kind of war-parties! Don't you? Films with flair and audacity, films that strive further than the McNorm and that put out action bits that go past "tight shot/quick cut" in their execution! Yes, more films like DEATH F*CKING SENTENCE! Okay, I'm done! I got hookers on the way anyways. It's 2 for 1 Thursday tonight (only with coupons) and I'm pretty stoked about it! As you were!


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