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02.18.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Sometimes a movie comes along and you're like, whoa, that was f*cked up. Or you say something like, yo that shite was trippy. Case in point is director Gregory Hatanaka's latest dip into MAD COWGIRL. One of those horror comedy kung fu tragedy hybrids of sorts- and you either really love it, or really hate. Judging from the synopsis and trailer alone- I think I'm gonna like this one!

Therese, an ass-kicking health inspector with a failed marriage, an on-going affair with a creepy televangelist, nymphomania, and an obsession with old kung-fu movies. Further complicating her life is a very questionable relationship with her brother Thierry, a meat importer who may (or may not) have infected her with mad cow disease... It could also be described as a film about a woman who is dying of a brain disorder, and her surreal journey which descends into violence; or perhaps, it's about a woman who hates her job, and the men in her life, so she is driven to kill the Ten Tigers From Kwangtung.

Yeah, what the f*ck is right. And after you check out the TRAILER, you'll still be scratching your head. Does it look cool though? You bet your f*cking ass it does! Plus, it's supposed to deliver some sort of 'flying guillotine' death move to boot! NICE!!! Can this movie sound any cooler?

So take some time, and check out OFFICIAL SITE, and jump on board this freaky ass band wagon!
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