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10.31.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
A few weeks ago we got word that MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN was playing OnDemand if you have cable and the FEARnet channel. Having OnDemand, you would have been able to watch MMT everyday this month as many times as you'd like. But for the rest of us without cable, this means nothing!

Lucky for us, FEARnet wised up and slapped MMT online OnDemand, so you (yes YOU) can watch MMT from your computer for free! From anywhere in the world... as long as you live in the United States. So it may suck for those abroad, all you peeps in the States will get quite the treat this Halloween!

Not sure how much longer it will be available, but I'm guessing well into November. But to be sure, you should probably give yourself a Halloween treat and check it out today. Remember... it's FREE! And who knows how long you'll have to wait for it to hit DVD... could be years!

To get your Halloween MMT groove on, click HERE, and don't say we never gave ya anything...

Source: FEARnet



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