See the House That Cried Blood for free on October 30th!

New York City-based genre production company, Sideshow Pictures, has announced their second annual Halloween short film (following last year's NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN), THE HOUSE THE CRIED BLOOD. The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and produced by Frank Mosca of Harrington Talents. We've got a handful of stills from the eerie short right here for your festering eyeballs.

HOUSE goes like this: A classic haunted house tale with a mix of scares and blood, the short follows four young adults who venture into the supposedly-cursed house of “Old Lady Death” in search of her rotting corpse. What seems like regular Halloween tomfoolery turns into a night of terror they may never survive, and what awaits them within the walls of this dilapidated home is an evil birthed from their worst nightmares.

Says writer/director Sabatella: “My goal with The House That Cried Blood was to create an eerie atmosphere through the use of location, old fashioned scare tactics, and frightening imagery.”

“I wanted to step outside my own comfort zone as a writer/director and take the opposite approach I took with last year’s Night of the Pumpkin. I left behind the fun and splattery thrills of the 80’s styled VHS horrors and took more of a 70’s styled slow build approach to a creepy, nightmarish finale. Though it is different than what myself and Sideshow are known for, it will still have the style and appeal Sideshow has come to be known for.”

Starring Damian Maffei, Andrea Boelhke, Ashlee Mundy, Ray Zup, and Ann McGowan as Old Lady Death, THE HOUSE THAT CRIED BLOOD will be released for free online on Blood Night - October 30th. For more info, head over to the short's Facebook page.

Extra Tidbit: Any Halloween-themed shorts catch your eye recently?



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