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See the pic and storyboards from an alternate Prometheus opening scene (spoilers)

06.15.2012by: Andy Madrzak

One would think we'd have to wait for the inevitable Blu-ray release to get some insightful behind-the-scenes materials from PROMETHEUS. Luckily for those who have already seen the film and can't get enough, that doesn't seem to be the case. A brand new photo has been unveiled, that supposedly comes from an opening sequence that was ultimately scrapped from the theatrical release of the movie. Better yet, the good folks at AVPGalaxy uploaded storyboard images of that very scene!

Mind you, although the images below depict a scene that's not technically in the movie, they're still pretty spoilerific if you have yet to see PROMETHEUS.

Having said that, I heartily recommend everyone else to check out the images below. They're pretty bad ass.






Ready? Aaand go...

Extra Tidbit: What are your impressions? Would you like to have seen this sequence included in the film?



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