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06.06.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

We got a heads up from writer/director Lennie Overgaard over at Savage Dog Films about his upcoming action/horror flick SERAPHIM today, including a pic from the set!

Ok, so it's not the most exciting pic ever taken, and the set isn't all that crazy or out of control- but it's pretty cool, right? Filming begins in 20 days or so, and it's looking for an October 13th (yep, Friday the 13th) release. But what's it all about?

As a group of teenagers go camping in the woods, they unexpectedly stumble upon a frightening find. A skeleton with an unnatural resemblence of an angel.

As the night falls, everything goes awry and they find themselves waking up with horrible scars everywhere. Body parts are missing and all of their worst nightmares are starting to come true.

Days pass by and their chances of surviving decrease day by day. They are now stuck on front row seats to experience the world come to an unimaginable end. This won't stop until all of the demons have been sent back to hell. An epic battle between good and evil, which side are you on?

It's co-directed by Christoffer Rosander, and it's lookin' pretty dope so far, which is sayin' something as they haven't started filming yet. Plus, the story sounds like it could be creepy, with plenty of opportunities for some good times (i.e., lots of death and destruction). Might be kind of BLAIR WITCH 2-ish in some ways, but as I actually dug that flick, that's not really a bad thing.

For more info. on this and other upcoming Savage Dog Films, go ahead and click HERE, and while you're at it, visit SERAPHIM's OFFICIAL SITE, which doesn't have much yet, but should be getting updates in the next couple of months.
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