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Serial killer vs. demons film Our Evil gets a bloody red band trailer

02.03.2017by: Cody Hamman

Our Evil Samuel Galli

Back in December, we reported that Jinga Films had acquired the world sales rights to Brazilian filmmaker Samuel Galli's debut film OUR EVIL. As a screening at the Berlin Film Festival draws near (OUR EVIL will be showing on the morning of Friday, February 10th), the company has released a red band trailer online.

Starring Ademir Esteves, Ricardo Casella, and Laura Pepita, OUR EVIL is set

in the underbelly of São Paulo, telling the story of a spiritualist who after receiving warning that a demonic power is coming to destroy his daughter's soul, employs a serial killer in an effort to protect her.

Jinga's Julian Richards has previously, and enticingly, described OUR EVIL as being like a mixture of the brutal realism of  HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, the supernatural shocks of THE EXORCIST, and a style reminiscent of BLOOD SIMPLE. When sharing the trailer, Richards asked, "Could this be heir to the throne of A SERBIAN FILM?"

That's a tall order, but the trailer does feature brutality, nudity, blood, and some cool creature effects provided by Rodrigo Aragão, who is a fantastic genre filmmaker in his own right.

The NSFW trailer can be seen right here:

Extra Tidbit: How does OUR EVIL look to you?
Source: Julian Richards



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