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Shatnerpalooza is coming to Comic Con; free screenings announced

07.07.2011by: Eric Walkuski

If you're a fan of The Shat, then this will be grand news indeed. Epix is saluting Mr. William Shatner with SHATNERPALOOZA, a "mutli-platform extravaganza celebrating him as an actor, producer, director and cultural phenomenon".

The centerpiece of “SHATNERPALOOZA” will be the World Premiere of THE CAPTAINS – an Epix Original Documentary produced and directed by William Shatner. In The Captains, he travels the world to connect with each of the actors who have played Captains over the long life of the Star Trek franchise. Shatner recalls his own experiences in the role that made him a star by interviewing Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks and Chris Pine while interweaving clips from their respective shows and movies.

Kirk VS. Kirk

Then, at San Diego Comic-Con, Shatner will show clips of his two new Epix Original documentaries and field Q & A from fans. Shatner will also expand his Comic-Con appearance through EPIX Live,epixhd.com’s online interactive feature, and by Tweeting from San Diego. EPIX Live, provides a true social TV experience. Viewers can submit and have questions answered in real time; interact, share and comment with one another; and broadcast their participation to their friends via integrations with Twitter and Facebook. The hour-long event will be open to the public and streamed live at www.EpixHD.com/event-theatre. William Shatner will talk about the original documentary he produced and directed, an in depth look at the actors who have played Star Trek Captains in the films and television shows. Avery Brooks, who played Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will join Shatner on a panel at Comic-Con moderated by Kevin Smith Friday, July 22, which will include exclusive clips and an audience Q&A.

That's not all. There's also a FREE Outdoor Screening of THE CAPTAINS on Monday, July 25th at Hollywood Forever Memorial Park (6000 Santa Monica Blvd) and on Saturday, July 30th at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NY (One Intrepid Square 12th Ave and 46th Street).

That enough Shat for you?

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