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Shawn Levy circling Fox's Frankenstein film, John Landis' son Max writing

08.31.2011by: Jake Dee

UPDATED: This story has been confirmed by multiple sources, Variety among them. Shawn Levy WILL direct the new FRANKENSTEIN film for Fox.

Although rumblings were heard last week about REAL STEEL director Shawn Levy possibly getting set for a FANTASTIC VOYAGE, Deadline now has it his next film could actually be that lost FRANKENSTEIN film over at Fox. Sound ideal?

Word is Fox wants to get this rolling fast, and that they have a keen eye on Levy (who also directed DATE NIGHT and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, among others). The reason for the rush is that the studio wants to stay ahead of the seven...yes SEVEN other Frankenstein flicks currently doing the rounds in Hollywood.

This iteration of FRANKENSTEIN however, is adapted by Max Landis, son of legendary filmmaker John Landis. For Max, it's his third feature script behind GOOD TIME GANG (2012) and CHRONICLE (2012). He also wrote the "Deer Woman" episode of "Masters of Horror", as well as the "Something Bite Me" episode of the short-lived "Fear Itself." Hopefully FRANKENSTEIN is better than the last two!

Alright, so what do we think about Levy taking a FRANKENSTEIN pic? My take is he should hurry up and sign a deal before REAL STEEL hits in October. Just a hunch...

REAL STEEL star Evangeline Lilly!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Levy film so far?
Source: Deadline



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