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Sheila Kelley joins The Guest

08.06.2013by: Ryan Miller

YOU'RE NEXT writing/directing tandem Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard have just added the final piece to the puzzle in their upcoming psychological thriller THE GUEST as it sees Sheila Kelley join the cast. You'll probably recognize Kelley from her work in MATCHSTICK MEN and the TV shows "Gossip Girl" and "Lost", as well as others. She will be joining Chase Williamson, Lance Reddick, Brendan Meyer, Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe in the film and plays the family’s grieving matriarch. Here's how the flick breaks down:

David, an ex-Marine who returns from a tour of duty a changed man and terrorizes a military family whose eldest son recently died.

Adam Wingard will direct from a script by Simon Barrett, while Keith Calder and Jessica Wu will produce for Snoot Entertainment. THE GUEST is currently shooting in New Mexico.

Anyone up for some yoga?

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys liking the cast for THE GUEST?
Source: Variety



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