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Shekhar Kapur tapped to adapt classic murder mystery novel London Fields

11.29.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Everyone loves a good murder mystery, right? Especially one that's over 20 years old!

What am I getting at? Martin Amis' 1989 novel LONDON FIELDS, that's what. Apparently rights to this little diddy were snatched up back in 2000 by Tartan Films and US production outfit Muse Productions. Now, a whopping 11 years later, LONDON FIELDS seems to be moving forward!

According to The Hollywood Reporter helmer Shekhar Kapur has been tapped with the task of adapting the classic murder mystery for the big screen. Muse Productions' head Chris Hanley will be producing alongside Jordan Gertner and Mary Vernieu. Kapur is the third director attached to this project after Michael Winterbottom and David Cronenberg. Some pretty interesting names for a murder mystery huh?

London Fields is narrated by an American writer, Samson Young, living in London who has had writer's block for 20 years and is now terminally ill while other main characters include a psychic woman, Nicola Six, who meets two men in a bar and senses that one of them will murder her on her 35th birthday.

Now Kapur seems to have some other projects lined up already, including his third ELIZABETH film and his passion project PAANI (WATER), so there's really no telling when LONDON FIELDS will get underway. As soon as we hear any news regarding the project you can bet we'll be right here telling you about it.

Extra Tidbit: Some of Chris Hanley's producing credits include BUFFALO 66, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, AMERICAN PSYCHO and THE KILLER INSIDE ME. The latter of which starred Jessica Alba (above).
Source: THR



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