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02.19.2008by: Jared Pacheco
The last we told you about the Spanish film ESKALOFRIO (SHIVER), Coach 14 had picked up worldwide distribution rights.

Well today a trailer for the flick has hit the net. SHIVER is about a lonely adolescent who moves with his mother to an isolated village. There, a series of odd events shock the community.

You can check out the trailer below. Isidro Ortiz will be directing from a script by Ortiz, Hernán Migoya, José Gamo, and Alejandro Hernández. It stars Jimmy Barnatán, Paul Berrondo, Josep Maria Domènech, Roberto Enríquez, Andrés Herrera, Blanca Martínez, Berta Ros, Mar Sodupe, Blanca Suárez (below), and Junio Valverde.

It was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this month. No word on a release date for ESKALOFRIO here in the US or in it's native Spain.

From the trailer this one looks like it could actually be pretty cool. See for yourself below.

The beautiful ESKALOFRIO star Blanca Suárez



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