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07.24.2008by: Mike Catalano

Beware THE SHRIVEN. What the f*ck is a Shriven? Well, it’s a monster movie with a strange title… and a very cool plot. The flick is set to wrap next month and comes from co-directors Andrew Bellware and Brian Schiavo. Let’s start off with a glance at said plot:

It tells the story of Ben (played by Schiavo), who suffers constant nightmares about killing people. When he meets the beautiful Nina (Sienna Aldridge), Ben discovers that he is actually a creature called a Shriven (above)—and that Nina is one too, with the two of them destined to be together.

Schiavo is calling it FATAL ATTRACTION meets THE HOWLING. Not a bad combo if I do say so. The filmmakers were looking to get back to the true roots of the good-time “monster” movie, which was easier to do with the fantastic prosthetic work by Christina Atkin and Holli Martinez. So far, I believe Schiavo is pleased. “There is the requisite amount of disembowelings and brain-eating, plus plenty of naked women traipsing about,” he says with glee. How can you really go wrong with a horror menu like that?

THE SHRIVEN was written by Schiavo and Laura Schlachtmeyer and also stars Lucy Rayner, Nancy Malleo, Melissa House, and Cheutine Fong. With roughly 75% of the film shot, a release date is expected sometime this year.

Source: Fangoria



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