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Shroomin' pics

12.27.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

Nothing spells a good time more than eating a bunch of psychedelic mushrooms and trippin' balls in the forest with friends. That is, of course, until your friends start getting killed and you begin seeing demon creatures with axes chasing you down. Then it's just plain f*cked up.

Thus is the basic storyline for SHROOMS, the horror flick from Ireland, about a group of American tourists in Ireland in search for the magical mushrooms... only to find death and crazy mofos chasing them down when the psychedelics start to kick in.

Magnolia Pictures released a buttload of new images for the flick today, featuring said American tourists, psychopaths with axes and scary faces, and... mushrooms. Whoa. I'm like, totally trippin' out over these pics, man. Totally...

Scroll down and have fun with the pics below, and prepare for the ultimate bad trip when SHROOMS hits theaters nation wide February 1st, 2008.

Source: AITH



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