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Sigourney Weaver talks Avatar 2, says her character may return in sequel

02.26.2010by: Jake Dee

Uh oh. Sigourney Weaver in spoiler talk? This could get ugly!

A few months after inadvertently shoving her foot in her mouth regarding GHOSTBUSTER 3 details, Sigourney Weaver had a recent sit-down with CineBuzzTV and offered some tantalizing thoughts on her character returning for an AVATAR sequel. Wanna hear 'em?

*Minor spoilers for the 6 people on Earth who did not see AVATAR*

So you remember how Weaver's nefarious character Dr. Grace Augustine's fate became undone? Hint: if you've seen Bill Friedkin's THE GAURDIAN, about a girl being sacrificed to a tree...you're on the right path. And yes, Augustine's soul may have been preserved in a relatively similar fashion. According to Weaver herself:

"Well, I'm actually in the tree. If you remember the special effect, it was sort of like an acid trip and my...I go into a tree and...I can't promise anything but I think Jim has new ideas...like to keep the family together."

If that statement seems wildly incoherent, please note it was transcribed from a French interview (which you can see in video form HERE).

So what do you make of these comments? You give them any credence? You actually care one way or the other if Weaver returns in the sequel? You think she should be replaced by someone else (supposedly Jodie Foster was considered for the role of Grace Augustine)?

Empty a round underneath!

Extra Tidbit: AVATAR is the first film released in IMAX to later be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
Source: CineBuzzTv



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