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Sinister 2 starts filming next month in Chicago

07.16.2014by: Ryan Miller

An article over at the Chicago Tribune revealed that the sequel to the 2012 surprise hit SINISTER will film entirely in the Chicago area for one month beginning in August. While Scott Derrickson won’t return to direct, he had a heavy hand in creating the sequel as he produced the film and wrote the script alongside C. Robert Cargill. Taking over the directing duties this time around is CITADEL helmer Ciaran Foy.

In our recent interview, Derrickson said that he "didn't want to settle for a predictable script, we wanted it to feel like a SINISTER sequel, the kind of sequel we would want to see because we're such fans of the genre. We both know horror franchises so well, and we're both pretty sensitive to how they can go awry, what you don't want to see. I think we found just the right angle for it; it's fresh and unpredictable yet provides the kind of stuff you want to see from a SINISTER sequel."

SINISTER 2 is the sequel to the highly praised original film starring Ethan Hawke, which grossed more than $87M worldwide off of a $3M budget. The move to build the SINISTER franchise follows in the footsteps of Blumhouse’s successes with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOIUS series of ultra-low-budget genre hits.

Extra Tidbit: What do you hope to see out of the sequel?
Source: Chicago Tribune



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