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Sisters gets twin

04.13.2006by: Matt Withers

Brian DePalma's voyeuristic fantasy murder pic SISTERS is going to be next in line for the remake treatment. The project was co-written by John Freitas and Douglas Buck. Buck will direct, and has a very interesting background:

... a former electrical engineer who before turning to film had a job overseeing the electrical systems at New York's John F. Kennedy and La Guardia airports. He then enrolled in film classes at the New School, where he attended a lecture on "Sisters" by Freitas. Soon the two were writing a script together.

The story itself is best explained in The Arrow's review of the original. As to the question of why remake it, Buck answers with the candor that only one not long in Hollywood is willing to evidence:

"In the original film, which I love, DePalma chose style over substance. I'm interested in exploring all the other stuff that's there -- the perversity, the tragedy, the sadness. All those character traits make it, to me, more interesting. I want to make the characters more alive."

While I have no way of knowing if the remake will be any good, at the very least Buck is taking a solid approach to remaking a film, as put forth in the Eric Red Recommends column today.

Certainly the cast is top notch with Chloe Sevigny (looking yummy up at the top), Stephen Rea, and french actress Lou Doillon taking the main roles. Not sure who Doillon is? Well take a gander below and you're unlikely to forget her in the future.

Source: Variety



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