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Slade loves Twilight!

05.07.2009by: Eric Walkuski

So last week I told you about David Slade's "I'd rather be shot in the face than see TWILIGHT" comments from back in November, before he was given the ECLIPSE: TWILIGHT Part III directing duties. Kinda awkward... Now, the man is ready to calm the nerves (and ear-shattering squawks and squeals) of the TWILIGHT fanbase by apologizing and admitting he was a silly, silly man who ought never have said such bad things about Edward and Bella's undying love.

Slade wrote "Twilight Lexicon" with the following message: I would be grateful if you could distribute this statement to the fans of Twilight:I would like to address some statements that I made regarding Twilight.

When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart.

Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created. I would like to reassure everyone involved that I am invested in making the best film that I am humanly capable of, and that I am acutely aware of the power of the original books we serve.

Please be rest assured this statement is absolutely from the heart. yours sincerely DAVID SLADE”

How very emo of Mr. Slade. In all seriousness, I buy this, because TWILIGHT was - and still is - open season for all those who have not seen or read it. (And let's face it, the man wants that TWILIGHT money!) Since I don't really plan on ever seeing it, it'll forever be open season over here, so hold your fire Twighlighters, I'm just ignorant of the beautifully honest characters and all that...

Extra Tidbit: Truth be told, the flick is still open season for a lot of people AFTER they've seen it...



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