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Slasher in Cellar

11.05.2008by: Mike Catalano

Okay, now who's up for some by-the-book slasher mayhem?! I sure as hell am! That's why I was so pleased as piss to stumble across a new horror indie formidably titled DON'T LOOK IN THE CELLAR. First, take a big ol' stab at the plot:

On Halloween night, a group of college kids break into an abandoned insane asylum where decades earlier several horrible murders occurred. One by one they run into SMILEY, the asylum's remaining resident.

Now just because this sounds precisely like your basic paint-by-numbers horror slasher doesn't mean it still can't be fun. Perhaps checking out the trailer will help you to see what I mean. Click here to do so. You'll get fast cuts of creepy masks, dark corridors, acts of violence, and even bikini-ed babes! If that ain't a recipe for a good time, then I'll be a boogeyman's uncle!

I don't know much else about CELLAR other than I believe it stars Anya Benton (below) and is directed by Dennis Devine. I'll give you more info as I hear it.

Source: Bloody-D



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