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Slick Cottage trailer

01.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
If you've seen what we've covered about THE COTTAGE in the past (like the latest poster), you might be finding yourself quite interest, as not only does it look like a whole lotta fun, but it also stars hottie Jennifer Ellison.

Today EmpireOnline scored the exclusive first look at the film's trailer, and if you were interested before - you'll be hooked now! Wow! What a crazy and fun trailer they cut together for this flick, with elements of both comedy and absolutely terrifying horror! Just awesome.... awesome stuff here all around.

To see all the fun, go ahead and click HERE. It looks like a cross between such psycho slasher classics as HIGH TENSION and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, with comedic elements from the likes of SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

I'm actually really amazed that it looks as good as it does - plus, it's filled with plenty of gore, and even Old McDonald rocking in the background, giving the whole shebang a light hearted tone. They could've put some real intense music in the background and it'd look like an extreme fright fest!

To see what I'm chatting about, click HERE, and get ready for THE COTTAGE in UK theaters this March (still awaiting that US release date).

Source: EmpireOnline



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