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SM To Release Satan

12.17.2004by: Matt Withers
SG To Release Satan
Our hope is that SATANíS LITTLE HELPER will be to Halloween what BAD SANTA is to Christmas.

- Jeff Lieberman

Fangoria reports that SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER, a twisted treat from writer/director Jeff Lieberman (SQUIRM), has been picked up for DVD release by Screen Media. The tentative date is July 2005.

The story follows a young boy who mistakes a serial killer for the antagonist in his favorite video game and thus decides to help the killer out. Your basic heartwarming tale of a young boy and his mentor. Just with blood. And Amanda Plummer.

This one is going to be a must see, and the DVD release news is excellent since unless you've got the time and finances to Dead Head horror festivals, you probably won't get the lucky chance to catch it on the big screen.

Source: Fangoria



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