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SMG wants Alice

01.17.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The thought of bringing American McGee's ALICE (a different take on ALICE IN WONDERLAND) has been one of great excitement and anticipation around these parts. Maybe I'm the only one who can't wait to see how it would translate on film... but damnit, I think it might just be the coolest thing ever!

There've been rumors that genre hottie Sarah Michelle Gellar was up for the role, then out for the role, then the whole damn thing has been in limbo... I don't even know what the status is of it anymore! With the writer's strike still going strong, who knows how long it'll be to get this sucker off the ground?

But what we do know is that Gellar is still very much on board, and still very much excited to be playing the title role. In fact, she just chatted with Radio Free about the film, and yes... saying that she's excited about it would be an understatement. Check it:

I mean, it's a passion project of mine. It's a story that I'd love to see. I'm fearful at this rate that I'm going to be the Queen of Hearts because I'm going to be too old to be Alice. [laughs] It's something I'd really like to see done. And unfortunately, it was the victim of regime change in the studio. And I'm not getting out. And contrary to what you may have read, it's still my project.

Gellar as Alice or Queen of Hearts? Anyway you slice it, she's a freakin' hottie, and I'd be down to see her in just about any role in the movie (except maybe Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum... then again, two Gellar's wouldn't be bad either).

She also goes into what she would do to get it off the ground if she has to... which you can find out by clicking HERE. I for one hope the studio gets off it's ass and slams this beast into action, as there's quite the following of fans, and who doesn't want to see a new take on an old classic? Stick around for more of Gellar and her passion for ALICE as we hear it!

Source: RadioFree



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