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Some familiar characters tapped to pop up in "The Walking Dead" Season 2

06.01.2011by: Jared Pacheco
It was only hours ago that Jake hit you all with the news that "The Walking Dead" Season 2 was undergoing some budget cuts and that producer Frank Darabont wasn't too optimistic about it.

Fresh off that news comes the announcement of a few more characters set to join the fun in Season 2. Now if you're a fan of THE WALKING DEAD graphic novels then I'm sure you'll be familiar with these characters. It's been announced that our survivors will stumble upon Hershel’s Farm in Season 2 but who will they find there? Well according to TV Line they're going to meet up with 'Hershel Greene,' his daughter 'Maggie' and the ranch foreman 'Otis.' 'Hershel' himself is a vet — as in a veterinarian while 'Otis' is the middle-aged ranch foreman who’s such a sweetheart that he all but loses it when he accidentally shoots a fellow survivor.

So there you have it folks. A nice juicy update for "The Walking Dead" Season 2. Although if you've read the books then you should have expected this one. While an official date has yet to be announced, plans are for "The Walking Dead" to return to AMC this Fall. Meanwhile you can bet we'll keep you all in the know with every piece of "Walking Dead" news that rolls our way.

Extra Tidbit: "The Walking Dead" isn't Laurie Holden's (above) first turn in our genre. She's also starred in SILENT HILL, "The X-Files" and THE MIST.
Source: TV Line



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