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01.11.2007by: Scott Carmichael

We were hit up today with a couple of dates for horror films being released in March, and it seems like it's going to be a gory month.

On the 13th BLOODY REUNION will be released. The film starts after 16-years pass, and  a group of former students decide to visit their sickly, wheel-chair bound teacher Ms. Park at her country cottage for an impromptu class reunion before the frail woman dies. Once the tearful hellos are complete, it becomes clear that the ex-classmates have blossomed into raging alcoholics, bulimics and plastic surgery addicts, thanks to Ms. Park's early childhood schooling. Soon, the happy gathering turns into a nightmare as old grudges and hidden truths surface and one by one the former classmates vanish in a series of unforgettably gruesome and mysterious murders.

To go along with that, SHUTTER will be released on March 27th. The movie is about late one night on a country road, Tun and Jane accidentally run down a mysterious pedestrian. Fleeing the scene, they return to their lives in Bangkok, but soon discover things have changed.  Nightmares haunt Jane's dreams while Tun, a photographer, begins to see odd ghostly figures at work.  Returning to investigate the site of the accident, they find neither rumor nor report of the victim. When one by one, Tun's closest friends begin to die, he and Jane know they must unravel this mystery before it unravels their very lives.

Both these films seem pretty kick ass, and since both are being distributed by ASIA EXTREME, I'm guessing they'll both be worth a watch!

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