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Sony buys pitch for high-concept sci-fi thriller Amnesia

08.07.2014by: Jake Dee

Deadline is reporting that Sony just bought a pitch for a high-concept sci-fi thriller called AMNESIA, doing so from proposed writer/director Christopher MacBride (pictured). FilmNation will produce the adaptation of the Arcana Comics property, created by Dwayne Harris.

Here's the one-liner for AMNESIA:

What if someone pushed the reboot button on the human race through a global outbreak of amnesia?

Sounds pretty lofty, ay? I like it, primarily because of how much I dug McBride's last flick, THE CONSPRACY. Word is MacBride will first shoot his script for a movie called ECHO for Fox, before entering production on AMNESIA. Could take some time, so let's just hope that the flick doesn't fall victim to its own title and end up forgotten about.

More as it develops...

Extra Tidbit: Did you see THE CONSPIRACY? Did you like it?
Source: Deadline



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