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Sony Unit picks up worldwide rights for Joseph Kahn's horror/comedy Detention

06.15.2011by: Jared Pacheco
You guys remember that Joseph Kahn-directed horror/comedy DETENTION? We've been telling you about it for a while now with word finally dropping today on who'll be putting this one out here in the US, or worldwide for that matter.

You see the guys over at The Hollywood Reporter just dropped the news that Sony Unit has just picked up worldwide rights for DETENTION. And that's it. Unfortunatly no inklings of a release date for this one but that should come all in due time.

DETENTION concerns a group of students dealing with a slasher killer as they navigate their last year of high school.

The 'apocalyptic, body-swapping, time-traveling teen romantic horror/comedy' just claimed the Youth Jury prize for best FutureWave Feature Film at the Seattle International Film Festival. It stars Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke, Dane Cook, Aaron David Johnson, Parker Bagley, Alison Woods, Walter Perez and Carrie Wiita.

Hopefully we'll be getting word on a release date for this little diddy soon. And perhaps a trailer won't be to far behind? Be sure to keep it here for those and other DETENTION goods that are sure to roll our way in the coming weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Spencer Locke (above) is actually no stranger to our genre, having starred in RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION and RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE.
Source: THR



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