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Spielberg updates Jurassic Park 4 at Comic-Con: story conjured, scribe hired

07.22.2011by: Jake Dee

Making his first ever appearance at Comic-Con, Steven Spielberg has found himself in the scoop-slippage game. Y'all wanna hear what the dude said about JURASSIC PARK 4?

Substantiated by Deadline, Spielberg claims a story has been developed for a 4th JURASSIC PARK film, and that a writer has been hired to adapt said story into script form. Upon digging, the name Mark Protosevich has been discovered. No deal has been made, but it sounds like Universal is currently hammering out a contract to get the scribe committed. Spielberg said the film wouldn't come out for another 2 or 3 years, but Universal clearly wants it done sooner.

"That sounds too long. It would be great to have it sooner. Within 2 years sounds right: 2013," said a Universal rep.

As for Protosevich, his hire sort of makes sense. He wrote CELL, POSEIDON, I AM LEGEND, THOR and is currently attached to write the OLDBOY script for Spike Lee. As you know, Spielberg was once attached to direct OLDBOY. And there's your connection!

What's your sense on all this. If there's already a timing issue, should the film be made if it's going to be rushed? Personally, I'm not terribly excited about JP4 unless Spielberg directs it himself. Think he will?

My favorite JURASSIC PARK hottie, Tea Leoni

Extra Tidbit: I'm still laughing about the time Pacheco told Tea Leoni he really liked JP3, and she stone-faced him, laughed, then said "yeah, right!"
Source: Deadline



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