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Spooky trailer for The Canal, starring Rupert Evans

08.11.2014by: Eric Walkuski

THE CANAL received a lot of positive buzz here in the states earlier in the year when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival; the Irish ghost tale was quickly acquired by independent distributor The Orchard, along with horror site ShockTillYouDrop, and has been given an October VOD and theatrical release, much to the delight of fans of foreign horror everywhere. Last week saw the unveiling of the film's creepy poster, and today the even creepier trailer has debuted. Watch it below.

Sitting in an empty theater, a film archivist watches the grainy footage that will be his undoing. David and his wife are perfectly happy - or so he believes. When he finds out the home he shares with his wife and son was the scene of a ghastly turn-of-the-century murder, David dismisses it as ancient history. That is, until the sinister history ripples into the present and casts a shadow over life as he knows it. And when a looming secret shatters his marriage, David canít help but suspect the dark spirits of the house are somehow involved. In his drive to unveil the shadows hidden in the walls, David begins to descend into insanity, threatening the lives of everyone around him.

Directed by Ivan Kavanagh, THE CANAL opens on October 10th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you digging what THE CANAL is offering?



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