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Squeal for The Bunny Game's second teaser poster

05.25.2012by: Andy Madrzak

A month ago, Jake showed you the first in a series of four posters to be unveiled before the July release of THE BUNNY GAME - the controversial exploitation/torture porn flick directed by Adam Rehmeier. Today, the second one-sheet saw the light of day and I'm here to show it to you. It's slightly less messed up than the previous one, but only just... Take a look for yourself below.

In THE BUNNY GAME junkie hooker Sylvia Gray (performance artist Rodleen Getsic in a fearless turn) is abducted by trucker JR (Jeff Renfro). He subjects her, and the audience, to a sadistic journey into madness. Partly inspired by a real-life experience that Getsic endured, THE BUNNY GAME pushes the boundaries of extreme realism in horror cinema.

The movie hits Blu-ray and DVD on July 17th.

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Extra Tidbit: THE BUNNY GAME was banned in the UK.



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