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Stepfather remake?

04.20.2007by: Omar Hussain

Joy to the world another 80s horror film is going to be remade!!! Apparently J.S. Cardone is becoming a horror remake specialist, as he has the PROM NIGHT script to his credit and he is finishing development on the script for the remake of THE STEPFATHER. Yup, you read that right, even THE STEPFATHER is going to get its props on the remake front.

In the original film, Terry OQuinn played Jerry Blake, a sadistic stepfather who decides that tough love means that your kill you entire family for letting you down. Now Quinn plays an old man on ABCs LOST.

I guess Cardone wants to darken his interpretation of the film up, as he wants to take it back to the events in which the original were based off of. "If you know the John List story he was a guy that basically killed his entire family," Cardone says. "[He] waited for his kids to come to school, shot and beat them to death and lined them up one by one. In this one, the new stepfather is very creepy and much different."

You guys got room for another remake? Me either.



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