Stephen King's A Good Marriage picked up by Screen Media

The film adaptation of Stephen King's short story A GOOD MARRIAGE has finally found a distributer. Deadline reports that Screen Media has taken North American rights to the thriller, which stars Joan Allen and Anthony LaPaglia as a couple whose happy life is threatened when the wife finds out her husband is a serial killer. Can't go to therapy for that!

The distributer is eying a theatrical and VOD release in October, although a specific date isn't available yet.

Darcy Anderson has been married to Bob, a Portland, Maine accountant, for 27 years. They have a happy yet humdrum relationship, running a mail order business selling and appraising rare coins. One night, while Bob is away on business, Darcy goes into the garage to search for batteries. When she rummages through Bob's belongings, she stumbles across a pornographic magazine showing sadomasochistic images. Unnerved by the magazine – and the fact that it is in Bob's possession – Darcy finds a secret compartment behind the garage's baseboard and makes a more horrific discovery: a small box containing the ID cards of Marjorie Duvall, a victim of a serial killer called "Beadie".

Kristen Connolly and Stephen Lang also star in the film, which was directed by Peter Askin. The short story appeared in the collection "Full Dark, No Stars", which is really worth a look if you've never read it.

Source: Deadline



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