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Stephen King's Big Driver, starring Maria Bello, picked up by Lifetime

06.24.2014by: Eric Walkuski

An adaptation of Stephen King's short story BIG DRIVER is headed to Lifetime, the network for ladies. Starring Maria Bello (pictured), the made-for-TV movie is slated for a fall debut.

Published in the anthology FULL DARK, NO STARS (where you'll also find A GOOD MARRIAGE, which similarly has just been made into a film), BIG DRIVER focuses on:

Tess Thorne, a famous mystery writer who gets sidetracked during a long drive home from a book signing. After deciding to take a shortcut, she becomes stranded on a lonely New England road when her tire blows out. Thorne encounters another driver (Will Harris) who turns out to be a serial killer and assaults her. After being left for dead, Thorne escapes and plots her revenge.

BIG DRIVER could certainly be said to contain some I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE elements, although of course it's not quite as nasty as that. It's a good, tight little story, and a perfect fit for a network like Lifetime.

Richard Christian Matheson (son of the late, great Richard Matheson) adapted the tale, while Mikael Salomon ("Salem's Lot" miniseries) directs.

Extra Tidbit: This won't be Bello's first journey into Stephen King territory: she co-starred alongside Johnny Depp in SECRET WINDOW.
Source: The Wrap



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